Rahim Shah's Biography
He was born on 3rd April 1976 and bred in Karachi. Swat is his ancestral home, but he speaks fluently the native lingo. This was the reason for the dearth of apparent Pushto vision in his life.

He started his career in late 90's as a solo singer with a lot of hits to his credit from the day he started his career including "Ghum" that broke the records of popularity. "Ghum" is not Rahim Shah's personal composition. It is an Afghani folk song or tappa, sung by an anonymous singer. Later famous Pushto singer, Haroon Bacha, also sung it, but the credit goes to Rahim Shah who translated the "tappa" into urdu and gave it his own arrangement. In a short span of time Rahim has proven his singing talent beyond all questions. He sang "Ghum" under the supervision of "Salman Alvi". He recorded his album and tried to work hard on making it different from what others are churning out. The song turned out to be a huge hit and whosever listened to that song appreciated the touch. Rahim Shah was bitter over the recent plagiatism of his song by Indian singer Altaf Raja. He copied Rahim's song "Ghum" and gained popularity on satellite channels.
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